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Leaving just became the only choice

Following the Black Lives Matter protests around the world, we again turn our eyes back home to find our society being ripped apart by racial epithets and slurs, at every turn white South Africans are made to feel guilty about past injustices. That “white privilege” is something that can never be forgiven has caused a kneeling epidemic around the world. On social media, EFF kingpins have been linked to fake “white accounts” creating further divide, using racial slurs at every turn.
Then Cyril Ramaphosa had his racist rant about privilege, which went viral. His further statements about the permanence of BBBEE legislation and the expansion of this policy in a virtual parliament sitting confirmed him as the racist he showed in his rant.

The publication of the ANC’s post pandemic economic recovery plan goes way further than previously thought, excluding white South Africans from all economic activity of the state. And this new plan includes all the failed policies of EWC(land expropriation), BBBEE, AA, NHI, nationalisation of the Reserve Bank, Prescribed Assets and introduces new SMME creation criteria, linked to financing that is racially exclusive.

That the ANC expects private business to partner with government is extraordinary. This sell out by business would be to its own exclusion and demise. Don’t take my word for it, read this piece in examining what the ANC have been up to over the last 26 years. https://www.politicsweb.co.za/opinion/the-many-many-race-laws-of-the-anc

According to this analysis, the South African legal system has over 90 racially based criteria.

So what do we, as South African’s, do about this. Examining the prospects, it is clear that our future is directly limited by the opportunity available to us. Our only response is to provide services, limited by the ability of these services being linked to expertise, which cannot be attacked by BBBEE legislation. You cannot be expected to give away your personal earnings. Better yet, start providing these services in an offshore structure, and you are well on your way to exiting from the South African economy.

To conclude this short opinion piece, I think we South Africans have to make the decisions going forward that are more difficult. That we are not wanted as part of the active economy is clear. The question is when do we leave, or how much longer do we wait. The implementation of the above-mentioned plan will take about 2 years. That is the maximum time scale for this decision.


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